Please tell us where you have seen  God's love in action ...  or What you did to bless someone else... by sharing our stories we are all encouraged to be more like Christ.


This is what I saw or this is what I did ...

A: 2/07/2012  I was at WalMart this week having my tires checked. While waiting, I overheard the store clerk discussing an order with another customer. She really needed 4 new tires for her car, but 3 would do. The customer couldn\'t really afford (3) either. God nudged my heart to be a blessing to this woman by giving some cash towards her total.  When I went to the register to check out, I asked the young man how I could contribute. He stopped and smiled, then looked at me and said, \"My Pastor said I would see this happening this week.\"  Our mutual faith was affirmed and strengthened.  I wasn\'t there when the woman came to check out, but I know God received the glory.

  I saw a wonderful congregation decorate God's house with the most beautiful symbols of Advent and Christmas.  It was great to sing the old familiar Christmas music and to see so many people of all ages doing their parts at the Hanging of the Greens.  I also loved the FUMC Bell Ringers' concert.  The video made me laugh and helped me to remember that Christmas is about JESUS!   The Youth were awesome delivering the flaming plum puddings!

This is what I saw ...

God's Love and Grace each and every time we go to Texas Children's Hospital in soon as you enter HIS Love is everywhere.  Thank You Jesus.

Jack and I were in a horrible wreck on sunday and we rolled our Tahoe. We both prayed during the events of the wreck. And we walked away with bruised and sore bodies.  But we encountered Angels in the form of men who stopped to save us.They pulled us from the wreckage and called for help. Blessings on these wonderful men who cared enough to help.
That's were we saw Gods hands at work.   God is truly awesome.
Thank you Father for saving us from danger and broken bodies.
Bless the men who stopped and bless our friends and pastor who responded to our needs.
We love you Lord and praise your name. Amen

Anytime I go through a food drive-through, like McDonald's or DQ, I pay for the order of the person behind me. I never know how this affects them or if they ever "pay it forward," but I tell myself it makes them happy, surprised them and motivates them to do something kind for someone else. My one regret is that I always ask the cashier what their total is before I hand over my credit card. I've haven't yet decided that I can't afford it once I hear the cost, but I want to get to the point of just telling the cashier to ring it up instead of risking backing out at the last minute.

Sunday, August 28th I witnessed a wonderful Christian father who's love for his children,family and church shined from him for everyone to see. His message was about stewardship, but I didn't feel that it was just about getting more money for the church. He talked about what stewardship was really about.. "What can we do for God and his church" Thank you Dr. Scott for being someone that our children can look up to and imitate.Thank you for being such a wonderful Christian father, husband and fellow church member.

Recently, the Pastor of our daughter’s church in Pearland had a motorcycle wreck near San Antonio. 

When we go to Pearland, we go to this church with our daughter and son in law.  I have gotten to know and admire this man.  He is a terrific preacher and his church "thinks outside the box" on many occasions.  Anyway, he was in this motorcycle wreck on a very isolated road.  He and his wife had not seen a car for many miles.  He apparently over-compensated an evasive move and wrecked.  His wife, on the back of the bike, had several minor injuries, while he suffered many major injuries.

Shortly after this happened, a car drove up, seeing the wreck, stopped to help.  This man had phone numbers for life-flight, ambulance and EMT\'s with him.  After about 20 minutes or so, a helicopter arrived, transporting him to San Antonio.  An ambulance ride would be too long in happening, thus life flight. 

Anyway, he is in ICU with many broken ribs, ruptured spleen, lacerated liver, and many other bruises.  Today, he is still in the hospital, but very thankful this guy happened to drive up, with all the right information to help them.  It had to be a God intervention.  Their church puts out an E-Mailing to members and my daughter forwards them to me.  This man has unbelievable faith in God.  He is truly lucky to be alive.  So that's my "God Sighting" Have a great day and "Keep the faith!".

My granddaughter, after watching the tragedy of Haiti on t.v. for several days, went to her principal, at Highland Park about raising money to send to Haiti. She & her family came up with the '4-H Club: Help Highland Help Haiti' and the school responded with donations and raised $715 to give to the Red Cross for Haiti relief.

I have Blessed three different people. 
Coffee for one man, gallon of milk for a girl at Target, eggs for a man at Market Basket.  All three were surprised and so tickled with the gesture.  Two of them were really hard to convince I wanted to do this blessing.  I told them they were blessed and they should pass a blessing on.  All 3 said they would pass it on.  Funny thing after I had done the first two, I was blessed with a great pair of boots from a friend and some new jeans the very next day from another friend.  Both didn't want me to pay just wanted me to have them!!  I was surprised as the ones I had blessed.  This is a great gesture our church is making.  I have given all three the cards.  Maybe I'll see them at church someday!!

Recently had a worker doing some repair to a "ceiling" damaged by Ike..Man was such a good worker and prompt each day. Paid him his fee he quoted us when his contracted part of work done.(taking down and putting back up fans was not part of our agreement.)..but he stated he was coming back next day as he was coming this way.. He lived hour and half away and said was going return to help put up ceiling fans.
I decided after he left that I was going tip him if he "did" show up next day..sure enough he did and helped put fans back up and I gave him some extra money..he did not want to take it and I said, we appreciate this so much and that truck don't run on fumes.. He had tears of joy in his eyes as he drove off..
That afternoon my husband got call from our son (he does work for the Business where son is employed) Dad I have a check for you.. No! don't think so son!!..Yes it is for some work you did while back and I checked it out and they do owe you this amount.
Guess what amount it was few dollars more than "3 times over" what we gave the man as a tip".
Second time this has happened and it is really a good ending when you don't expect anything in return.

I saw God in the changed lives of the Watoto children.

On Tuesday, February 23rd we were blessed to have three young ladies from Watoto Choir group 38. It was not just giving them a place for the night and breakfast the next morning it was a reality check for me and my family. We are so lucky to have a warm cozy place to sleep each night and as much food as we want or need. Our girls are so lucky to have both of their parents love and support. These girls appreciated everything and asked for nothing except to help. The two younger girls had never helped in the kitchen except to wash rice and help the mother boil water for the rice ( rice is what they have at every meal). The morning they left I was busy and did not return home until late. The next day I went upstairs to pick up and make the beds and found the Watoto girls had done everything. Then there was the sweetest thank you note they had left, when actually I felt like I should have been the one thanking them for such a wonderful opportunity.